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Cell phone repair experts based in New Orleans LA. We can fix your iPhone, Android, HTC, Blackberry or any other cellular model quick.

cracked screen                                      rooting for Android

water damage                                       unlocking

jail breaking                                           back housing

overclocking                                          turn up internal volume



Have you cracked the glass screen on your iphone and don’t know where to turn?  We can perform iphone repair on any broken or damaged part for 4G, 3G, and 3Gs. We also repair Apple Ipod Touch and itouch lcd and glass screens. LCD and glass screen replacements are usually done while you wait.  We guarantee we can fix your water damaged phone or there is no charge. Ever think about doing a color change or swap to convert your phone look to the white iphone 4? Maybe you want to live on the wild side and have us convert your phone to red or even pink! We can fix your cell phone today! Went to your local AT&T or Sprint store and found out your only option was to buy a new or refurbished phone?

Cell Phone Repair in New Orleans: (504) 931-3728

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